Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Michigan ... where there's Genealogy Gold

I can't leave this state yet until I find more gold.   It is shimmering through the trees and the rocks.  Makes a person want to just stay forever.

A gal named Kim gave me a tip on finding some gold, so the mouse and I set off real quick to see what was there.  Sure enough that gal Kim was right!  It didn't take the mouse long to find The Dibean Michigan Marriage Index.  It's full of gold!  Every county in Michigan is listed, along with corrections and additions and new marriages.  Even the mouse bounced around with joy.

Then I discovered gold at the Michigan Department of Health.   It was their Genealogical Death Indexing System where I found it.  There are only thirty years worth of information on it, 1867-1897, but I found some nuggets.

As long as the stable boy tends to my horse, the mouse and I travel along the trails of Michigan.  It was on one of those travels that I discovered more nuggets at the Michigan County Histories and Atlases.    The mouse whispered in my ear that I should let it click on "Browse Michigan County Histories and Atlases."  The diggin' is so good there I was shouting and doing a happy dance.

I may never leave this beautiful state.  There is a Western Michigan Genealogical Society that has Online Searchable Databases.  The mouse said he would just take over and let me rest a spell.  So I leaned back on my saddle bag and let him lead the way.

After a hearty meal of  stew and biscuits, the mouse and I took off for a place called Brighton.  It was there I discovered more nuggets at the Brighton District Library.  They have indexes to marriage notices, obituaries, marriage records, cemetery records and death notices and records.

You will have to just stick with me through all this traveling around.  I may stay in Michigan a bit longer and then you may find me somewhere else.

Ruby ... still mining gold in Michigan

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