Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photographs within Family Photograph

About two years ago genealogist and relative, Chuck Munn of Arizona, sent me a jpg of this photograph.  Who are these people?  Must be family!  But more importantly, there were large family photographs on the walls of the room where it was taken.  I tried zooming in with photo software in an attempt to recognize even one person in the photographs.  Nothing seemed to work!  Surely the people in the photograph belong somewhere in the family.  

Sometimes there is a way around unidentified photographs.  Chuck has been persistent in sharing this with family members and asking the pertinent questions.  Finally it paid off when he received information from a family member in California.  She was able to identify all of the people in the photograph, PLUS the people in the photographs on the wall.  It isn't often that we get two for one in old photographs, but we certainly did this time.

Chuck estimates that the photograph was taken around 1910-1912.  It was taken in what appears to be the parlor of the home of Ellen Josephine Beard and her husband, Perry Marvin Dady, in Nebraska.  The women from the far left are Ellen Josephine Beard Dady (1859-1936); Monna Ruth Dady Fisher (1893-1926) standing on the far left; Lorene Josephine Dady Nelson (1902-1980), the little girl between the men.  Next to what appears to be a piano is Jennie Florilla Dady Runyan (1886-1965) and seated at the piano is Myrtle Grace Dady Brand (1897-1997).  The men at the table are, left to right, Harry Leslie Dady (1895-1990); Guy Dady (1892-1971); Otis Marvin Dady (1888-1994) and Perl Spencer Dady (1885-1940).  Perry Marvin Dady (1859-1942) is seated in the chair on the far right.  

The framed photograph over the piano is of Spencer Dady II (1835-1890) and Adelaide Wible Dady (1840-1904).  They were Perry's parents.  The framed photograph on the left is of William Ennis Beard (1818-1864) and Almyra Parish Amsberry (1829-1888).  They were Ellen's parents.  We cannot identify the photograph directly over Perry Dady.  

Not only is this a family photograph, but it contains another generation of ancestors through the photographs on the wall.  If only walls could talk!  Or old photographs could talk!  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Phil, Snow and Maps

Earlier this month groundhog Phil saw his shadow.  His prediction of six more weeks of winter seems to be correct.  Here in Nebraska it is snowing today, inches of the white stuff falling.  It's pretty as long as it doesn't last too long.  By mid March maybe we will be on the downside of Phil's prediction and on our way to spring. 

It's a good morning to do genealogical research, exploring things on Internet.  I have found many wonderful maps that I feel enhance my research.  I have been looking for outline maps for a lecture that I'm presenting.  The Perry-Castaneda Map Collection has many links to useful map sites, many of which are educational maps for students.  I have also found helpful information and maps at 13 Originals Founding the American Colonies.  Part of my lecture pertains to the formation of the colony of New Jersey.  I needed a map showing West Jersey and East Jersey which I found at Where was the West Jersey/East Jersey line?.  Actually there are several maps at that site. 

Maps help your research come to life.  They help you visualize routes that your ancestors may have taken in their migrations, where their land was located on old maps, plus where it is within today's boundaries.  It's a snowy day to find more maps on Internet, so I have several hours of fun ahead!