Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving Up Genealogy!

Never!  It's temporary in order to be chief cook for Thanksgiving.  I have been going through lecture notes and scanning.  In general making a big mess in my genealogy/computer room.  Rather than shut the door when company arrives, I'll force myself to quit and clean up the place.  

It would be nice if somebody in the Thanksgiving company would ask about relatives and family history.  Just one simple question would make my day.  Maybe they will be drawn to this room if I clean it up, pull a book off the shelf and get me started.  I hope they are not too tired from eating or lazy watching TV that no interest is shown.  When they are all gone I will retreat to "my" room and once again make my genealogy mess.  For one day I can survive ... I think!  

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Morning Blogs

My morning consists of tea and a bagel while reading e-mails.  Then I make sure I have money in my bank account.  On to checking the newspapers, here, where I used to live and where I have relatives.  Next, I check the weather maps.  Then I settle back to read my favorite genealogy blogs.  

Some change frequently and others do not.  High on my list are those that keep me informed of web pages, changes in the large genealogy databases on Internet and unique places on Internet for the genealogist.  

The Ancestry Insider is one of my favorites.  He keeps readers informed about FamilySearch and issues and most recently recommendations on using NARA in Washington, DC.  

Rainy Day Genealogy Readings doesn't have to read just on rainy days.  If you live in arid country, you might miss all of the blog!  This contains very interesting and unique ideas for research on Internet.  

Since I use a Mac, I enjoy reading the blog.  It is informative not only for Reunion, but other genealogy software for the Macintosh.  His almost daily videos are easy to follow and understand. 

If you are looking for free Internet web pages, be sure to read Free Genealogy.  This is updated daily and contains many worthwhile links. 

 It is important to go back through archives on all of these sites.  Then you will learn what has been posted and be caught up to speed. 

Happy blogging ... morning, afternoon or evening!