Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Finding Genealogy Gold in Michigan

It was fun spending a few days in Tennessee.  The horse and mouse won and have forced me to leave for Michigan.  That's a bit further north and you won't believe the gold I've found.

They have what is called a Michigan Genealogical Council.  The mouse showed me all kinds of links at what is called a sidebar.  I hardly knew where to begin.  First I clicked on Michigan Genealogical and Historical Societies.  A big bunch of those so people in Michigan must like to do genealogical research ... what I call diggin' for genealogy gold.  It is such a large state with so many societies, I hardly knew where to look, but I settled for the Jackson County Michigan Genealogical Society.  Pure gold there!  They have death indexes 1886-1899 and death indexes 1900-1901.  There's also a township map and I discovered all kinds of gold there such as a listing of documents and resources for the individual townships.  I may be here for a while.

The mouse doesn't stay still for long, so clicked on Research Tools.  Looks like a lot of genealogy gold there also, everything from libraries and archives to newspapers and finding aids.  There I discovered the Archives of Michigan; Michigan Historical Center.  I love indexes so clicked on Indexes.  Sure enough there I discovered Seeking Michigan that everybody along the trail has talked about.  You can search all kinds of things there.

That Seeking Michigan is a bit tricky, so let me give you some advise.  Go to the top right hand corner and you'll see Advanced Search.  Have your little mouse click on that.  Up will come some search boxes and also the names of all their collections.  That's gold ... death records 1897-1920, Civil War manuscripts, Civil War records, maps, plat maps and a whole lot more.

There is so much here I have decided to put the horse in a stable, grab my saddle bag and mouse and head out to see what gold I can find.  I expect there will be lot of it in Michigan.

Ruby ... finding genealogy gold!

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