Thursday, May 8, 2014

Genealogical Research in Nebraska

My first book about Nebraska was published in 2011.  To add more information plus updated URLs and addresses, I have written Genealogical Research in Nebraska, revised edition.  It is now available for purchase at my web page.

The book contains 537 pages on history, genealogy, records and resources of Nebraska.  There are over a thousand URL links to web pages.  Each county is detailed with courthouse information, libraries with collections, information on genealogical and historical societies, research centers and museums.  The chapters are:

Nebraska Settlement and Statehood
Trails, Roads and Forts
Ethnic Groups and Settlements
Native Americans
Courts and Records
Land Laws and Records
Nebraska's Large Repositories
Census Records
Religious Records
Steamboats and Railroads
Orphan Trains
Wars and Military Records
Farming, Ranching and Records
Federal Records of Nebraska
Nebraska Counties
Nebraska Publications and Histories
Family History Centers
Maps, Atlases, Directories and Gazetteers

From the dreams and travels of explorers and mountain men, Nebraska Territory played host to thousands of people migrating in search of adventure, wealth, land and religious freedom.  The dawn of each day brought countless wagons filled with the hopeful, clanking across the land as they followed the trails westward.  Eventually the wagons were replaced by strips of steel that were laid across the state.  This would link the United States coast to coast and also change the way of life, economy and settlement forever.  Nebraska became a state in 1867 and with great expansion and abundance of land, became a prime area for settlement.  Some pioneers stayed and others moved on.  Regardless, their mark was already made in Nebraska records.

The book sells for $32.95 plus $5.00 postage and handling.  It is spiral bound which means you can easily use it by your computer or research notes.  It is the most up to date compilation about doing research in Nebraska.

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