Friday, May 23, 2014

Family History Retreat

Genealogists love to visit with each other about genealogy.  They also listen and look for helpful information and ideas for doing research.  You can combine all that into my fantastic retreat to be held on 6-7 June (next month!) at Colby, Kansas.  

The Family History Expos is holding a retreat at the City Limits Convention Center, 2227 South Range Avenue in Colby.  Attendees will receive many benefits from their registration, including meals and accommodations, admission to the Prairie Museum, a 12 month subscription to Digital Mag, a research kit, Expo CD as well as professional instruction by their professionals.  Holly Hansen and Arlene Eakle will guide attendees toward successful avenues of research and help you hurdle over those brick walls. 

There will be a field trip on Friday to the courthouse, cemetery, churches, library and museum.  Also on the agenda is a time to network together.  On Saturday there will be classroom instruction and research skill building.  I will show up about noon on Saturday to present a program on the Homestead Records Online.  

For more information about this great event, be sure to check the agenda and register at Family History Expos or call 801-829-3295.  I hope to see many eager genealogists at the retreat.  Let's have some genealogy fun!  

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