Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Technology and the Genealogist

Is the Internet never really at your finger tips?  Maybe you will be interested in Wearable Internet.  That's right!  Wearable Internet is possible, but it is now in beginning stages. Perhaps ten years or less, it will be available.  

Earlier this year, Pattie Maes from the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces Group presented a wearable system.  It is mind boggling.  Users will be able to display and interact with Internet on any surface which includes the human body.  No longer will you need to take the camera to the cemetery ... just hold up your hands in the traditional square box and you've got it.  Forgot your watch (which my sister-in-law usually does) just draw a circle on your wrist and presto you've got the time.  Make phone calls from your hand!  

This unique system is referred to as a "sixth sense."  So how would this assist genealogists in their research?  If you are a traveling genealogist, the possibilities are endless.  You could locate libraries or information on books on the fly.  Looking for a cemetery, there would be no need for a phone call to a cemetery office or WIFI location to access your laptop computer. Once you start thinking about wearing your computer, the possibilities are endless. 

The current system is rather bulky with a person wearing a webcam, 3M projector which is battery-powered, mirror, phone and colored finger caps.  In the future the system that is wearable may be something as small as a watch.  Now where did I put my watch?  

To learn more about this, read the review The Wearable Internet Will Blow Mobile Phones Away.  Be sure to watch the video presented by Pattie Maes.  It's only about eight minutes long and will blow your mind.  Then start dreaming about the possibilities for genealogists to use Wearable Internet!  

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