Thursday, July 9, 2009

NEW -- GenealogyWise

Do you socialize on Internet?  They are more than places to chit and chat.  Genealogists love to blog, share ideas and comments.  Many of us belong to Facebook.  If you aren't to that level yet, look around and ask genealogy friends about it.  It's fun!  Some of us tweet on Twitter.  They are all different and worth exploring or joining. 

FamilyLink has launched a new site just for genealogists called GenealogyWise.  It is buzzing with activity.  I was on it almost all day yesterday.  It was amazing to see it grow by the hour and almost by the minute.  It's similar to Facebook, but devoted only to genealogy and genealogy topics.  

You join GenealogyWise (free), create your profile, find friends, set up or join groups and invite people to be your friend, to events or discussions.  Along with the discussion forum, there blog and video areas.  If you click on Genealogy Search, it takes you directly to the subscription site of World Vital Records.  In addition to all of this, there's a chat site.  

Yes ... there are genealogy groups on Facebook.  They now have some competition.  Personally I am enjoying GenealogyWise because it is so totally devoted to the genealogist.  It's easy to use and also fun.  Plus, I'm learning and connecting along the way.  Try it out!  Become a genealogy social butterfly.  

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