Friday, August 8, 2014

Nebraska ... where genealogy gold shines!

The horse trotted north out of Kansas and we are now in Nebraska.  Feels like home!  The saddle bag has been lightened.  All of my books, Genealogical Research in Nebraska, revised edition, have been sold.  The mouse suggested that I make a digital copy of it for sale on my web page.  We arrived here in Nebraska much lighter, so it's time to mine for genealogy gold.

First things first!  Genealogical Research in Nebraska, revised edition contains over 545 pages.  There are hundreds of URL links and the mouse said your mouse should be able to click on any of them and find gold.  You can purchase that in PDF format on my website, Genealogy Works,  for $24.95.  Hurry and do this so you can follow me around looking for Nebraska gold!

I suppose the best place to start is the Nebraska State Historical Society at 1500 R Street in Lincoln, NE.  The mouse suggested we get there before the Huskers begin their football season because that society is located on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.  There might not be a place to tie up my horse if we wait too long.
Nebraska State Historical Society

What a great surprise that I have found a list of Nebraska newspapers on microfilm.  They also have the Nebraska newspapers there on microfilm.   Then I discovered their Photo Collections.  They consist of Prairie Settlement, Nebraska Memories, Willa Cather Archives, Omaha Indian Heritage and Plains Indian Ledger Art.  There's a lot in that building, so best you look for yourself.

My next stop is at the Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library.  It is at the Union College campus at 3800 S. 48th Street in Lincoln, NE.  The Lincoln-Lancaster Genealogical Society (LLCCS) library collection is there.  Take a peak at what is in that collection and you will undoubtedly find some gold nuggets.

The trip here from Kansas has done me in.  I will let you know about more nuggets in a few days.

Ruby --- mining for genealogy gold in Nebraska

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