Saturday, July 27, 2013

State Guides, Records and More

I have discovered a handy web site that provides a lot of links to various sites of genealogical interest.  It's Bobbie's Genealogy Classroom.  The titles of headings are State Guides, The Records and Research Advise.  While some of the links are better than others, the overall quality of the web page is very good.  

Since I research in South Carolina, I was particularly interested in the guide for South Carolina Ancestors.  Not only is there a link to the Family History Library Wiki for South Carolina research, but also a guide to basic genealogy guides for the state and maps.  Who doesn't love maps for their research?  I was impressed with all the links to formation maps, settlement maps, maps of counties and parishes and links to atlases.

Some of the titles under "The Records" are Church Records, Apprenticeship and Indenture Records, Naturalization, Probate Records, Tax Lists and Vital Records.  As an example, the Probate Records contains information about important things to know about probate.  It also has online lesson links for more information and how to locate them.

All genealogists need help and advise.  I was particularly interested in the section on Quaker Ancestors.  There are links to major Quaker record repositories, information on Hinshaw's 6 volume Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy and much more.  If you enjoy using Google, there is a good learning guide to Google Genealogy.

Be sure to link to Bobbie's Genealogy Classroom for great genealogy connections.

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