Tuesday, April 9, 2013

American States Ancestry

If you have ever wished to have a comprehensive web page, American States Ancestry web page certainly comes close to providing your wish.  It is a listing of "mostly" free US Ancestry-Genealogy Resources.  Once you wade through some of the advertisements, you will soon discover state website information and links.

Some of the links by state include the USGenWeb Project, Genealogy Trails History Group, Trails to the Past, American History and Genealogy Project and the American Local History Network.  There are also a number of links that are not connected with those projects.  The content varies, such as cemetery records, vital records, military records, message boards, surnames and more.

Be sure you check out the Google Command Operators for improving your search results.  If you are doing foreign research, look at the links that will help you, such as Wales, Germany, etc.

One thing I did not find is a link to the databases on FamilySearch.org.  But, we all know how easy that is to locate on Internet!  There are enough interesting links to click on, you should stay busy for a while.
Just add it to your list of favorites to keep in mind while doing genealogical research.

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