Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saving Memories Forever

At the Illinois Family History Expo held last week in Springfield, IL, I had the privilege of meeting Harvey and Jane Baker.  They are a delightful, friendly couple who have developed a new service, Saving Memories Forever.  With this Internet service you can record life stories of relatives and share them.

Recording begins with their iPhone app which is available in the iTunes store (Saving Memories Forever).  This provides interview questions to answer and does front end recording and uploading to the website.  In November their app for Android will be available.

Through the website you can listen to the stories, share them with relatives as well as attach photographs and text files.  Don't have an iPhone?  You can upload directly in MP3 format.  An example of this would be using the MP3 Skype recorder to interview a relative and then uploading it to the Saving Memories Forever website.  Your site remains private, but you can invite others to listen.  Family members can talk about a relative who is deceased, providing not first hand knowledge, but preserving those memories that we have all been told.

The website has a free area as well as a premium (fee) area.  With the premium service you can attach 20 files of photographs and text documents to each story.  This service also allows unlimited storytellers, unlimited sharing and additional search capability for $3.99 per month.

Unfortunately when you visit their web page, you will not be personally meeting the Bakers.  But I can assure you they are sincerely interested in genealogy and the preservation of records.  This is a unique service that spans the globe for sharing family memories and information.  Should you be at a genealogy conference where the Bakers have their product on display, be sure to stop by and say hello.  In the meantime, check out their web page.

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Thanks for the information. See also family trees to trace your family heritage.