Monday, September 19, 2011

Genealogy Webinars

There are many genealogy webinars available on Internet.  You need to plan in advance to attend them at their specific day and time.  Some are free and some cost to attend.  However, you don't to fill up the car with gas, get airplane or train tickets, reserve rooms ... they are brought to you on your computer.

Michael John Neill has announced his Genealogy Webinars.  One started yesterday, but you are in luck because there are still webinars scheduled through October 16th.  Michael is an excellent speaker and very knowledgable about genealogical research.  You can keep up with his research ideas and tips at his blog,  He also writes  Casefile Clues, a subscription newsletter,  delivered to your e-mail address weekly.  I particularly enjoy his blog, Genealogy Tip of the Day, which provides a very quick read about a genealogy topic.  Do you have problems reading old documents?  Check in with Michael at his blog, Daily Genealogy Transcriber.  Another blog he writes is Search Tip of the Day.  You will want to check out all of them as they are beneficial to researchers.

The schedule for the remaining webinars that he presents:
Two German Women in Illinois - 23 September
Seeing Patterns and Organizing Information - 25 September
Determining Your Own Migration Trail - 1 October
Introduction to Federal Land States - 16 October

There is a fee of $4.25 for each webinar and you will also receive a PDF handout several days before the seminar, along with instructions.  All of this information can be found at Genealogy Webinars with Genealogist Michael John Neill.

Check out the webinar schedule and learn from Michael John Neill.  He is one of the best!

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