Monday, April 25, 2011

Something About Blogs

Everybody has their favorite blogs that they faithfully read. If you are a reader of mine, thank you. As a writer of blogs, I am all too aware that it takes time and thought to prepare a blog. Writing comes easy for me. Even so, I find myself at the end of the day, with somewhat blurry eyes, mentally reminding myself that I didn't blog as planned. There is always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Along the way, faithful readers loose interest or they move on to other new, fresh material in other blogs. Sometimes a blogger will post a few lines or a paragraph stating that life has interfered. They have illnesses, family problems, not enough time at the moment. In fact, maybe they have not received enough support.

Have you, the reader, thought to thank a blogger? Occasionally it pays off to say those two very important words, "thank you." Maybe you are not a writer, but you are a reader who has a voice. Let it be heard. You an also express your opinion. Don't be afraid to do it. The genealogy community awaits your response.

At the end of most blogs there is a place shown as Comments. Just click there and leave a message. As a blogger I look forward to receiving comments. Some are just words of praise and others are suggestions or differences of opinion. I welcome all of those because eventually they have an influence on how I blog, write and ultimately how I view my research.

Genealogy is not an isolated endeavor. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, contact has to be made with people. Eventually there is sharing, whether for pay, as a volunteer or family member. There are differences, but basically information or ideas are shared. Blogs are a sharing of ideas and thoughts. There are a wide variety of genealogy blogs on Internet, all needing readers and contributors of comments. Please feel free to comment!

I have my favorite blogs also. When there are days, weeks or months of silence I usually move on to something else to read. That doesn't mean the blog has ceased to exist or that you can't support the blogger. If there is a link to that person's e-mail on the blog, click on it and leave an e-mail saying that you miss the reading the blog.

Appreciate the blogs you read. Consider starting your own blog, for all the right reasons. Most importantly when you read a blog you like, leave a thank you that can be seen.


PalmsRV said...

Nice post, Ruby. I remember in the not too distant past that I was doing Google searches just to find a genealogy-related blog to read. No need for that anymore. There are so many interesting blogs now that I run out of time instead of running out of blogs to read.

Miriam said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Ruby. I've become more of a blog reader than a blog writer because I'm one of those bloggers whose life has interfered with blogging time. I know it won't always be this way and meantime, I just enjoy reading whenever I can find the time! :-)