Sunday, January 16, 2011

Touring the Civil War

Whether you travel to numerous Civil War battle sites of take in re-enactments, you can still have a part in the Sesquicentennial celebration of the Civil War.

One of the most intriguing web pages about the Civil War is Virtual Civil There you can link to the Civil War in the News, Civil War on TV, This Date, Civil War Events, the Gallery, Original Photos, Re-enactments, Remembrance Day, Confederate Heritage and a Photo Showcase. The web site is very colorful.

If your ancestor fought at a specific battle, be sure to check out Battlefields Today. You will see many current photographs of battlefields which will enlighten your knowledge of an ancestor's participation.

Start looking for information on a Civil War ancestor and then begin studying the Civil War in books, blogs, web pages and documents. There will be many new Civil War web sites appearing this year in honor of the war.


PalmsRV said...

Nice links.

Hiram said...

I came across your article on the Civil War and thought you might be interested in a novel on the Civil War that I just published.

Hiram's Honor: Reliving
Private Terman's Civil War, ISBN 978-0615-27812-4.
Hiram's Honor can be examined at

Second Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Richmond (Belle Island), Savannah and Andersonville are prominently featured in the book which is printed and distributed by Ingram Book Company. For more, step into the Civil War at or see book trailer at

Professional reviews of the book can be seen at and

The unique thing about this book is that I assume the identity of my ancestor in all of his battles and prison misery. It was quite a challenge to match every detail that actually happened (dairies, letters, first-hand accounts) with a first person dramatized and riveting story of how I would have reacted in his situation. Best wishes in your work.

In this unique, historically-accurate novel based on the first-person experiences of his ancestor in the Civil War, Dr. Max Terman takes us back in time to Second Bull Run, Gettysburg, Belle Island prison, and Andersonville. You'll walk with Private Hiram Terman, a sensitive yet dutiful soldier, his two friends--the secular, cunning yet emotional Seth and the religious, unswerving Isaiah as they experience marches, camp-life, battles, capture, and prison camps. Also encountered are struggling generals, desperate civilians, ruthless fellow prisoners, and enemy soldiers, some mean and heartless, others kindly. Based on actual eyewitness accounts and real events, this is a story you'll never forget, a fitting tribute to the upcoming 150 year anniversary of the American Civil War.

Tessa said...

nominated you for the Ancestor Approved Award - please take a look at my post (sorry I am late but forgot to "pass it on via email or comment." As the post mentions if you have already received this award just note it on your blog! I am not sure if nominated is the right word (everyone else uses it) but I am actually passing the award on - "you have already won!"

You have an excellent blog and interesting topics. Thanks for sharing your family history.