Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Search Engines

There are plenty of search engines available on Internet. One of the most popular and widely used is Google. It's a great place to check for your ancestors and provided you have time, should result in plenty of "hits" on your query.

Genealogy in Time has a search engine on Internet that works great. It's the Advanced Genealogy Search Engine beta, which searches over 1.2 billion historic records. The search engine is very straight forward. Enter a surname plus location or other tidbits of information and see what pops up.

I had been searching Google for a rather unusual German surname. Having exhausted possibilities on that, I entered the same surname in the Advanced Genealogy Search Engine beta and received some valuable links that never showed up on Google. Genealogy In Time's search engine seems to pull up more genealogical and historical information.

Give it a try! In fact ... you should try all of them, Google and the others.

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