Monday, April 26, 2010

Kansas Death Notices

A friend recently shared this with me. Death Notices of Members of Fraternal Orders can be found online at the Kansas State Historical Society web page. There is a lot more than this on their web page, so be sure to do some exploring. However, very seldom do we find such an interesting database showing the fraternal order, as well as names and date of death notice.

The organizations and years covered are:
AOUW - Ancient Order of United Workmen 1879-1908
KP - Knights of Pythias 1877-1918
IOOF - Independent Order of Odd Fellows 1873-1970
Rebekah - Rebekah Assembly of the IOOF 1891-1953

There are over 50,000 individuals listed who had a death notice posted in the proceedings of the fraternal order. Using this, you can seek out more information such as probate files, newspaper obituaries, land records, city directories and cemetery records.

If you have Kansas ancestry, check it out!

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