Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Digital State Archives

Before Internet (remember those days?) where did you go to do genealogical research? Libraries, archives, courthouses, newspaper offices? Seriously, I hope you still venture to those places. However, it is great to know that many state archives are going digital.

The web page, Digital States Archives, is a great place to begin looking for archives that have digital collections. There is a goldmine of information to be had for a click of the mouse. To date there are 18 states represented on this web page.

Documents, deeds, photographs, artifacts, court records, newspapers, military records, and much more can be found at various state archives. A good deal of these records are in digital format, which makes it great for genealogists who cannot travel to distant states.

This is not a one time web page to check. More state archives are being added, so be sure you bookmark it and check often for updates. It's a good thing!


PalmsRV said...

A quick search of the New York link of the "Digital State Archives" page already produced a good lead for me to follow. Thanks for the information.


Greta Koehl said...

I'm a huge fan of state archives; I have obtained some pretty amazing materials from four (SC, TX, AL, and AR). It will be nice to have a central location to check. Thanks for the tip.