Monday, January 18, 2010

Lovin' My IPod Touch

After much deliberation, I decided in December to purchase an iPod Touch. Because I use a Mac and also Reunion 9, it seemed a good way to have my genealogy files on-the-go and with less hassle and weight that I have with my laptop computer.

It is not for everybody and does take some practice to type on it. Overall, it was a good purchase. When I flew to Virginia in December my iPod Touch and I went through security without any issues. Just like the laptop (but easier), I took it out of my purse and put it in the bin. I will continue to take my laptop on trips and also flights, but for this time, it was a good thing to have the iPod Touch.

Placing my genealogy files on it was a very simple procedure. If you have Reunion 9, be sure to check out the LeisterPro web page for details and videos on how to use it on the iPhone and iPod Touch. I also recommend purchasing a book or manual about the iPod Touch. There are many features that you will not learn just by turning it on.

I linked all of my photos from Reunion 9 family files to the iPod Touch, but you can choose which ones to transfer or use only the feature photo from each file. All of my notes transferred and are easy to review on it. The only thing I miss with Reunion on the iPod Touch is the Quick Bar that allows you to select certain ancestors or relatives at a click. Syncing between the iPod Touch to keep it updated with changes I make is very easy using the USB port.

There are other applications I have on my iPod Touch. It comes with a few applications, such as Safari and Mail. You can access all of your e-mail accounts, such as gmail. Web pages can be enlarged quickly and easily for viewing. I also added the Weather Channel which is handy for traveling. Since I use the iPod Touch when flying, I also have an application showing gates of the airports that I normally use. All you do is enter the gate number and concourse and the map shows the exact location in conjunction with other portions of the concourse.

It comes with Contacts and Maps which are handy when traveling. You can sync your contacts from the main computer. I have found the Notes and Voice Memos to be very handy, not only when traveling, but here at home. As I was doing research on my trip, I would leave myself either a voice memo or notes regarding more research that I needed to do. It's also great for a grocery list.

The WIFI TRAK application that I downloaded from iTunes tracks Internet connection wherever I might be with my iPod Touch. Drive down the street a few blocks and it will show the activity in that area, both secured and unsecured. I also have Free WIFI which has a search feature by town/city showing all of the free WIFI available, be it restaurants, libraries, hotels or stores.

I also have WorldCat on my iPod Touch. This allows me to enter a title, author or category of a book and determine if it is in the library I am using or a library near me. This handy application also has a search feature for locating libraries. It's great for the genealogist on the go.

The iPod Touch is handy for trips to the library, courthouse or even the cemetery. However, it is not secure. When using it in a library, you cannot leave it on the table with your other belongings. Now I'm designing and making pouches for my iPod Touch. I can easily take it in and out of the pouch which hangs around my neck.

Yes ... I love my iPod Touch!


Midge Frazel said...

I too love my iPod touch and as I am a Windows user, I use FamViewer for my genealogy records. I post my gravestone photos and family photos to Flickr and use that app to see them wherever I am connected.

I saved the old badge holders from my ed tech conferences and mine fits in that around my neck and I also have a secure clip (DLO Jam Jacket)that clips onto my waist or on my jacket.

I bought an iPod touch book for the Kindle app and I am enjoying having it for when I forget how to do something.

I also bought a stylus to make typing easier.

Sun fun! Midge Frazel

Midge Frazel said...


Ruby Coleman said...

Thanks for sharing this great information. Good to know that you are using FamViewer successfully and enjoy it. I am going to order a stylus. Thanks for sharing the web page. .... Ruby