Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Way to Search

Live Roots is a great research experience that you won't want to miss.  Their second release has just made it to Internet.  There are changes between the original release and this one.  A search result will bring up results from the partner services within Live Roots.  This may be anything from results in books/microfilm in the Family History Library Catalog to auction items on e-Bay.  They also show subscription database connections.  

Basically this brings up a number of resources and links that you would possibly not find directly on Google and also have to spend a good deal of time searching web site by web site.  

The second release adds project management tools for registered members.  You can view recent activity, profiles of your brickwall ancestors, related resources, research history (a very dynamic research log), availability to catalog your own private genealogy library, a research notepad and more.  

One web site that does it all?  Yes!  Begin with the first release and explore Live Roots.  To access the second release you have to become a Team Roots member.  This is a free service with password protection.  

While you are exploring Live Roots, take a tour around  Incidentally, I write a monthly article, Tracing Lines, for them.  Add it to your list of monthly reads.  

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