Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Genealogist At Work ... Do Not Disturb

WARNING:  This blog may be quiet for a few weeks.  The genealogist is at work!  Should I find time to blog in my busy schedule, it will be a nice bonus for you the reader! 

I am leaving in a week to begin a research trip that will take me and also my sister-in-law to Salt Lake City.  Need I say more?  You will be able to read about our trip and experiences at the blog, You Go Genealogy Girls.  That's us ... two grannies who still consider themselves to be girls.  

In preparation for this big trip, we have been working on research notebooks for months.  First we determined which ancestors or lineages were in need of our assistance.  We both have many so then they had to be prioritized.  From there we looked through our information, notes and sources to determine what needed to be done.  

The next step is a big one.  Since we will be using resources in the Family History Library, we began using the Family History Library Catalog online to see what we would need to use while there.  We located books, microfilm and microfiche in many resource categories.  Each segment of information we found online was printed.   Once in print, we marked the film or call number that we would need, along with notations as to why we needed it.  

Our notebooks are divided by floors (five of them) at the Family History Library.  Each print out is placed on the appropriate floor section in our notebook.  Special notes or reminders were also placed after each printout.  We added some basic maps and instructions.  At the front of the notebook we have a basic outline by floor telling us in one quick glance what will occupy our time and which ancestors are asking for help.  We will be able to organize our time by seeing which floor will require more of our time.  

Does it sound like a lot of work?  We began working on our notebooks in November.  Nothing last minute about us!  If you go prepared, success cannot be far behind.  Hope we don't leave our success somewhere in Wyoming on our way to Deseret.  

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