Friday, October 31, 2008

Seasonal Spooks and Spirits

Tonight is the night for spooks and goblins to appear on door steps.  Ah ... that a few spirits would appear to answer my questions.  I would ask Jacob Bruner about his parents, such as their names, where he was born and where he married his wife Christina Sattler (various spellings) in Pennsylvania.  Jacob has refused to answer my questions for years.  Perhaps I need to do more researching instead of trying to summon his spirit!

I would ask my ancestors, Sampson Mason and Mary Butterworth, why they left their third born child, John Mason (born 1656), with the John Gornell family in Dorchester, Massachusetts, when they moved to Rehoboth, Massachusetts in 1657.  Was something wrong with the child?  They did not return for him or send for him.  In fact, they gave permission for him to be baptized in Dorchester when he was four years old.  He married and died at age 26.  

The spirit of William Amsberry (Amsbary) might be a good visitor.  I would ask him about his first wife.  What was her name?  What caused her death?  Who was the unknown male child in his family?  

Back to work in the real records.  Perhaps those spirits will guide me in some strange way to the records I need.  Then again, it may be just up to me!  

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