Friday, June 20, 2008 --- free and great!

Whether you are a beginner in genealogy or have been researching for a while, there is a web site that is free and designed to assist you in building your family tree.  You can also share your research with family members, including those who are not into genealogy.  By entering your data and building your family tree, you are not sharing it with the world.  Only people that you invite can access it.  

There's more than building a family tree at  You can share family photographs, create profiles and timelines and celebrate special events.  It is as easy also as importing a GEDCOM file into ... no retyping of information.   You can also export a GEDCOM file from the data you have created.  

One of the most interesting features of is the ability to map your ancestors.  You can customize the maps for locations of your ancestors, where they lived or where they were born.  

As you network with friends and family, you can send messages and share news.  You decide who is in your group.  While you are using you can also search for your surnames not only within your tree but in other trees.  You will not be able to view all of the information in the family trees of other submitters unless you are invited.  

There are over 20 million profiles on  Yours can be there as simply as registering and logging in.  In the near future they will be adding family video sharing.  It is such a great site that TIME magazine named as one of the top 50 websites of 2008.  

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